Tuesday, February 9, 2010

645 miles to go, starting today!

So today feels like the day in which my journey will actually, officially be starting. Today is the first day of the 24-week training schedule that has a walk! So today I start my journey with a 3 mile walk. 3 miles isn't too intimidating. And then I stopped to look at how many miles I'd be walking during the next 24-weeks and it is a large number! 645 miles! That includes the 60-miles that I'll walk over the course of the 3-Day event, but still, it is kind of an intimidating number.

So I stopped to think about it. I know that each mile I walk in training is going to bring me closer to my goal of finishing the 3-Day. And I know that every mile of the event is going to be a worthwhile, fun experience and it is for such an important cause. All of this makes the 645 miles seem less intimidating because the net result I'm aiming for isn't just miles walked, it is lives saved. It is 100% worth walking 645 miles if it can make even one person more aware of breast cancer-- enough so to say, "hey, maybe I should talk to my doctor about risk factors" or "you know what, I really should go get a mammogram". And it will be even more worth it if it helps one person detect the disease early and receive life-saving treatment. Raising money for the cause helps fund community programs (which will help in detection and treatment) and research, but the walking is 100% about raising awareness and showing support.

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